Verification, Unlocking and Authorising Actions and Transactions


We have an inexpensive solution using the relevant individual’s mobile telephone. For some applications, this can even be downloaded from this website. For more information, please click here..


An obvious example is the verification of online payments. The common system, in use today, is the sending of a code by SMS to the individual’s mobile phone. The individual then enters the code on the relevant website to authorise the payment. This can be used for online purchases and online banking. It is a fairly secure system but does not prevent a thief who has stolen both a credit/debit card (or online bank details) and the owner’s mobile phone. There are numerous shops that offer ‘unlocking’ services for mobile phones.

Our solution is to download an app and, when prompted, to take a selfie using a mobile phone. This is more secure and can be faster than the ‘code method’. It can also be cost effective for the bank or card provider as it can be less costly than SMS messages.

The system can also be used for verifying the identity of individuals making contact by telephone. For example, an individual telephoning his/her pensions provider or doctor. By these means, there can be certainty that confidential information is not being shared with an unsuitable/unauthorised person.

This is a low-cost solution that provides a high-level of security.

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