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We have developed the technology to scan through CCTV footage very rapidly. Our system can be set to identify human activity or identify specified faces when they appear with the times of appearance and the length of time of each appearance denoting the position on the recording where each such appearance is to be found. It may also be possible to use this technology to identify specific objects of interest. This product can be directly downloaded from and paid for on our website. For more information, please click here.


We have developed powerful technology that has the ability to rapidly scan CCTV footage and identify humans and human activity – this saves time and provides a rapid summary with highlighted times and frames where activity of interest is occurring. We are currently working on the ability to detect specific objects of interest. Using this technology greatly reduces the time and personnel require to review footage. It can be pre-set to identify human activity, specific persons of interest and the positions on the recording where such events occur together with the timing and duration of those events.

This product can be accessed directly through our website. Costs will vary according to the amount of CCTV footage to be processed and the length of time in which the client needs the processed footage to be made available. The more urgent the timing, the more expensive it will generally be. Nonetheless, this is a very cost-effective product given the vast savings in time and the additional benefits provided.

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