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Construction sites, mines, quarries, military training areas, farms, areas where valuable vehicles or equipment may be stored, marinas, car parks and external car forecourts are vulnerable to various problems including theft, health and safety of staff, and preventing accidents occurring to members of the public (whether lawfully on the land or not). We have a solution that can provide alerts when unauthorised individuals approach the site and alerts when individuals (whether authorised or not) may have met with an accident or are present in an area at a time when there is a risk of danger (for example, dynamiting at a quarry site). For more information, please click here.


In many cases CCTV is already deployed to prevent and deter thefts. There is also the problem of children and, even, adults who may suffer severe injury due to the inherent dangers of a particular site. We live in a litigious society where ‘ambulance-chasing’ law firms will not hesitate to try and seek damages for such injuries on behalf of their clients.

Many of these sites are relatively remote and having 24/7 onsite security may seen as too costly. Even where there is such security onsite, for larger sites it may be very difficult, even with CCTV, for the security staff to monitor the entire premises at all times. There is also the risk of an ‘inside job’ where one or more of the security staff is acting in concert with thieves.

Our proprietary technology can provide a range of solutions to the problem of defending sites from intruders and, at the same time, allowing access to a site, or selected parts of a site, to authorised individuals.

Our systems are based on various elements of our technology, often used in a combination designed to address the needs of a particular client. For example, in mines and quarries where dynamiting may occur, we can provide a warning if there is a person present within the danger area, when dynamiting is about to take place. On sites which have inherent dangers, we can provide a warning if an individual does not move for a pre-ordained period of time, which might infer that the person concerned has suffered an injury.

Some sites are ‘closed’ usually fenced with gates while others, such as a large new house development site, may be open without much in the way of fencing and gates. We can design appropriate solutions for both types of sites. Outside normal working hours, it may be too costly to have security staff present on all sites at all times. Our systems can provide alerts of when individuals are on or near sites during these hours. This would enable security staff to investigate, initially, perhaps using CCTV, and, if thought necessary, a vehicle with security staff can be sent to the site and, where appropriate, the Police can be notified.

Our systems can monitor when authorised individuals are on site and, if required, their movements on site.

Costs will vary but the cost-savings can be very significant. A new ‘high-end’ combine harvester can cost over £400,000. Insurers are likely, in due course, to offer significant premium reductions once they learn that our systems are installed and effective. We have relatively low-cost solutions for many sites. Again, at the basic level, we have a downloadable app.

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