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Detection of mobile phones and similar devices in places of incarceration: we can provide a system for detecting the presence of mobile telephones. This can be coupled with facial recognition to identify the individual in possession of the relevant phone. We provide information that will allow the use of a service that can trace the past movements of the phone. With the cooperation of the relevant mobile phone service provider, the activity on the phone (emails, calls, texts and web-surfing) can be followed in real-time with our partnered dedicated crime dashboard.

Individuals on probation, on bail, prison day release et cetera: we offer a system where the relevant individual is issued with an inexpensive mobile (cell) phone on which our dedicated app is loaded. At random times, the individual will be contacted and required to provide facial recognition. In this way the location of the individual can be identified, and an alert provided if he/she is not in an approved location. For more information, please click here. For more information, please click here.


Detection of mobile phones and similar devices in places of incarceration:

Most prisons and correctional institutions limit or forbid the use of mobile phones and similar devices. Detection is difficult especially as the devices often enter a prison through a staff member. Being able to detect unauthorised phones is very desirable. This is especially so if, with face recognition technology, it is possible to identify the individual who was using the phone at a particular time and in a particular place. Mobile phones, in prisons, are often shared or passed around. Detecting a phone does not identify all or any of the users of the phone.

In addition to detection of phones, it is possible to track past movements of the phone. It is also possible, with the relevant authorisation, to obtain, from the mobile phone service providers, details of the real-time traffic on the phone (, text messages , and phone calls). This can uncover criminal networks and provide strong evidence for prosecution of crimes discovered by this technology. It can also assist in crime prevention.

The costs of this technology will vary according to the layout and size of the premises in which it is to be installed.

Individuals on probation, on bail, prison day release:

There is an increasing number of individuals who are outside prison due to the pressures caused by prison overcrowding and the general increase in crime. Some of these individuals wear a device that is supposed to provide an alarm if they leave a designated area. Many of these devices are cut free and it may be days before it is known that the individual has separated from the tag. The tag may even be passed to an obliging individual to wear/carry, thus, freeing the originally tagged individual to roam freely.

Our technology is more flexible and effective. The individual will be given permissible places and times. Failure to adhere is a breach of their conditions for probation, bail etc. For example: John may be allowed to be at a work experience location between 09.00 and 17.00, Mondays to Friday, he may be allowed to use local shopping facilities at certain times. There will be necessary travel from home to work experience. The rest of the time he should be at his home.

John would be supplied with a mobile phone with our app installed on the phone. He should only use the phone for the purposes of the app (ideally other applications are disabled) and keep it charged. At random times, he will receive a text message from the competent authority. He should then use the app to take a selfie. This will confirm that he is in the right location at the right time. It will also verify that it is the individual concerned and nobody else, by face recognition technology.

This product is inexpensive, flexible and more secure than the current alternatives.

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