Security Within Buildings


We have a range of solutions for security within buildings. The essence of the challenge is to prevent entry to defined areas by unauthorised individuals. Within a building, there may be some areas which can be legitimately accessed by all staff and other areas where only selected staff may be allowed entry. We have a solution, based on face recognition which avoids the problems of passes being ‘borrowed and lent’ between members of staff and other systems with inherent weaknesses.


It is often the case that, in addition to controlling entry, management and /or security need to keep track of times of arrival and departure. This can be a control on people taking unauthorised time off and it can also prevent or identify people who enter at ‘unusual’ times, when there may be suspicions as to why they are there.

Our solutions begin with an inexpensive entry level product and can range up to a very sophisticated product that provides the ultimate in security. Our solutions can work in conjunction with other technology such as keypads and fingerprint ID.

The most basic product involves staff (and other authorised individuals) in downloading our app on their mobile phones. A manager or security supervisor will have a master version of the app on her/his phone. The app will allow a member of staff, when in the vicinity of the relevant premises, to take a selfie, using our face recognition technology, that will identify the time of arrival. The same action is performed when they leave and that identifies the time of departure. On arrival, the manager/supervisor can set an automatic greeting reminding the individual to take a selfie and providing the codes for keypads which the individual is authorised to use. This allows for keypad codes to be changed frequently even more than once a day. This product can be purchased and downloaded from our website. For more information, please click here..

We have higher level products. These can monitor an individual’s movements within the building and provide details of times when they leave and enter the building, without any need for reliance on the individual taking a selfie. Our face recognition technology can control entry to the building and to different parts of the building.

Monitoring times on site can be useful for payroll and payments calculations for staff and contractors where remuneration is based upon hourly rates. Reports of late arrivals, unauthorised time taken off and leaving early are useful for monitoring which staff or contractors are ‘underperforming’.

Our systems can also count people within a building so that in the event of a fire or emergency where the building has to be evacuated an accurate head count can establish if there are still people within the building.

Costs vary according to the system in use. We have low-cost solutions for many conditions but there are more comprehensive solutions which, naturally, cost more where the needs dictate.

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