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Step into the future of security with Heruon Access Control, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your premises through innovative facial recognition and smart authentication technologies.

Heruon Product

Innovative features unlocked

Heruon Access Control combines advanced security, efficiency, and ease of use.


The system incorporates anti-spoofing safeguards to block unauthorized access through spoofing attempts, utilizing advanced algorithms and sensor technology to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent entry attempts, thereby ensuring a higher level of security integrity.


Integrate effortlessly with existing security infrastructures for a unified defense, allowing Heruon's advanced system to complement and enhance your current security measures without the need for extensive modifications or overhauls, ensuring a smooth and cohesive security ecosystem.


Receive instant alerts for unauthorized access, with Heruon's smart analytics quickly identifying potential breaches, enabling rapid and effective response to secure your premises.

Heruon Product

Did you know?

Heruon Access Control utilizes AI-driven analysis to adapt and recognize authorized personnel, even with facial changes or masks, ensuring secure and uninterrupted access.

Industries and use cases

Heruon Access Control is designed to meet the unique security needs of various sectors.

Industries and use cases

Retail Security:

Enhance store safety and prevent unauthorized access with advanced facial recognition.

Event Safety:

Manage attendee access seamlessly, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

Corporate Protection:

Secure critical data and infrastructure by controlling entry to sensitive areas.

Educational Campus Safety:

Safeguard students and faculty by regulating access to facilities and restricted zones.

Your questions answered

How does Heruon Access Control enhance privacy compliance?

By employing minimal data retention and encryption, adhering to global privacy standards.

Can it recognize faces with masks or after physical changes?

Yes, our AI adapts to changes, ensuring reliable recognition even with facial coverings.

How does it handle environmental changes, like lighting?

Our technology compensates for environmental variables, maintaining high accuracy.

Can it be integrated with non-Heruon security systems?

Yes, it's built for compatibility, enhancing and extending existing security setups.

What sets Heruon Access Control apart from traditional systems?

Heruon Access Control efficiently manages high foot traffic with rapid, precise facial recognition, ensuring seamless and secure access in busy settings.

Is it possible to implement this system across several locations?

Heruon Access Control can be managed centrally, ensuring unified security oversight and streamlined administration across multiple locations, enhancing operational efficiency and control.

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