Revolutionize your security with Artemis, the ultimate device detection and analysis tool for comprehensive surveillance and tracking.

Heruon Product

Innovative Features Unlocked

Artemis stands out with its real-time detection, seamless integration, and intelligent alerting capabilities.


Track devices and individuals in real-time for immediate security responses, ensuring a dynamic and proactive approach to maintaining safety and operational integrity across your premises.


Link faces to devices for comprehensive entity tracking and profiling, creating a detailed security network that enhances personal identification and access management.


Visualize and track criminal networks in real-time to significantly enhance situational awareness and security response.

Heruon Product

Did you know?

Artemis can distinguish between various types of devices, providing targeted security measures and operational insights for smarter management.

Enhancing security across various sectors:

Heruon's people counting technology is adaptable, ideal for numerous sectors:

Industries and use cases

Public Safety:

Utilize device tracking to maintain the safety and security of communal areas, ensuring well-monitored public environments.


Leverage detailed analyses of foot traffic and consumer patterns via device detection to gain valuable insights into shopper behavior and store performance.

Transportation Hubs:

Enhance the security and efficiency of airports, train stations, and seaports by monitoring device movements and managing passenger flows.

Law Enforcement:

Employ sophisticated device tracking and data analysis to uncover and disrupt criminal networks, supporting more effective crime prevention strategies.

Your questions answered

How does Artemis enhance security?

Artemis enhances security by providing precise, real-time tracking of devices within a designated area, enabling the identification of unauthorized access and potential security breaches. Its advanced algorithms analyze device behavior and patterns, offering insights that can preemptively alert security teams to suspicious activities.

Can Artemis track any device?

Artemis is designed to track a wide range of devices by detecting signals from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. While it excels in identifying and monitoring most modern digital devices, its capability may vary with devices that are specifically designed to avoid detection or use less common communication protocols.

Is Artemis suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Artemis is suitable for small businesses, offering scalable and customizable device detection solutions that can adapt to various sizes and types of environments. Its ability to enhance security and provide valuable insights into device activity makes it an asset for businesses seeking to protect their premises and data efficiently.

How does facial recognition integrate with Artemis?

Facial recognition integrates with Artemis to create a comprehensive security system that combines the strengths of both technologies. By linking facial recognition data with device detection, Artemis can provide a more detailed profile of individuals within a monitored space, enhancing identity verification.

What makes Artemis unique?

Artemis distinguishes itself through its sophisticated integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, enabling precise, real-time tracking and analysis of devices. This unique capability allows for detailed insights into device behavior and location, offering actionable intelligence for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Is Heruon's system scalable for different-sized premises?

Yes, Heruon's system is designed with scalability in mind, making it suitable for premises of varying sizes. Whether it's a small retail store or a sprawling corporate campus, the system can be tailored to meet the specific security and operational needs of the space.

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