Phulax Museum Security

Revolutionizing security for museums, galleries, and collections with cutting-edge protection technology.

Heruon Product

Innovative Features Unlocked

Phulax offers unparalleled protection through innovation.


Automatic and accurate tracking of artifacts to prevent loss or theft with minimal human intervention.


Innovative alert mechanisms that instantly notify security personnel of unauthorized access or handling, bolstering the defense of precious collections.


Rigorous, yet flexible, access management ensuring that only authorized personnel can handle sensitive objects.

Heruon Product

Did you know?

Heruon Access Control utilizes AI-driven analysis to adapt and recognize authorized personnel, even with facial changes or masks, ensuring secure and uninterrupted access.

Industries and use cases

Innovative security solutions for diverse applications.

Industries and use cases


Ensuring the safety of historical artifacts with advanced surveillance and tracking, utilizing state-of-the-art RFID and CCTV technology to monitor and secure priceless heritage.


Protecting valuable art from theft and damage with integrated security systems, including motion sensors, alarms, and face recognition technology to create an impenetrable defense against unauthorized access.


Safeguarding rare documents and manuscripts against environmental and human threats, employing climate control and secure access protocols to preserve the integrity of irreplaceable historical records.

Corporate Security:

Protect sensitive areas and track movement within premises, implementing biometric authentication and access control systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can access critical infrastructures.

Your questions answered

How does Phulax contribute to lowering insurance premiums for institutions?

By significantly reducing the risk of theft and damage, thereby making collections more secure and less costly to insure.

Can Phulax's system distinguish between staff and intruders?

Yes, through sophisticated access control and facial recognition technology, Phulax ensures secure, staff-only access to sensitive areas.

Does Phulax offer solutions for items too large or delicate for traditional storage?

Absolutely, Phulax customizes protection plans, including for items that require special handling or display considerations.

How often does Phulax recommend inventory checks?

Phulax's technology allows for continuous monitoring, significantly reducing the need for traditional, time-consuming inventory checks.

What measures does Phulax take against internal threats?

Phulax integrates strict access controls with continuous monitoring, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized internal actions to go undetected.

How does Phulax adapt to different types of artifacts and their specific security needs?

Phulax customizes security protocols based on the artifact's nature, employing a mix of RFID tracking, CCTV surveillance, and access control to cater to each item's unique requirements.

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