Recognised by UK Home Office

Heruon has developed unique, proprietary, patented, award winning products which have been recognised by the UK Home Office for leading innovation in the field of security.


Heruon Facial recognition adheres to the EU guidelines for trustworthy AI, 2019 and has been chosen by clients who are concerned with the bias inherent in many competitor systems or who operate in tightly regulated environments.

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We, at Heruon, are focused on developing and implementing technology that can assist creating a safer and more secure environment and assist businesses and individuals with their needs. The core of our endeavours is OBSERVATION – whether optical observation or non-optical. Observation can improve safety and security, it can help prevent crime, it can restrict access to authorised individuals, it can assist with analysis and strategy for businesses, it can monitor the functionality of equipment, provide real-time alerts and assist in many other fields. For policing and security services, our technology can assist with crime prevention, crime detection and the provision of unshakeable evidence.

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We are specialised in four different areas.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is the core of our technologies and our solutions can be applied in many fields in real life.

Object recognition

Object counting, object recognition and detection is as easy as it gets with our innovative solution.

Device detection and tracking

We have taken a step back and truly understood the importance of ethically and legally sourced data.

Data analysis

We have developed powerful technology that has the ability to rapidly scan CCTV footage and identify humans and human activity.

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