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Heruon's Automated People Counting isn't just a statistic tool; it's a comprehensive data solution designed for optimizing space usage and enhancing safety in various settings. Its precise counting and detailed analytics make it an essential tool for businesses and public spaces.

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Tailored Insights for Every Scenario

Heruon's people counting solutions reach new levels of insight with advanced technology and user-centric analytics, catering to a vast range of applications.


Set up a sophisticated people counting system with ease. Heruon's technology is designed for quick integration, ensuring minimal disruption and immediate results.


Apply Heruon's solutions to any people management need. Its adaptability makes it suitable for any industry where understanding people flow is crucial.


Manage your people counting system without complication. Heruon's interface is built for straightforward use, providing effortless access to complex data.

Heruon Product

Did you know?

For privacy considerations, Heruon employs unique cameras designed for counting individuals without the possibility of identifying them. The system also seamlessly integrates with CCTV cameras capable of performing facial recognition.

Industries and use cases

Heruon's people counting technology is adaptable, ideal for numerous sectors:

Industries and use cases


Improve customer management and store performance by tracking and analyzing visitor flow. Use real-time data to inform layout decisions and operational strategies.

Corporate Offices:

Monitor occupancy levels to maintain building security and manage resources efficiently. Integrate with existing systems for a seamless security and administration network.

Manufacturing and Warehousing:

Streamline operations by tracking workforce distribution and movements, ensuring safety protocols are followed and optimizing staff placement.

Public Transportation and Airports:

Handle passenger volumes effectively, enhance security protocols, and provide swift responses to fluctuating crowd dynamics with accurate, real-time data.

Your questions answered

How does Heruon's system protect individuals' privacy while counting people?

Heruon respects privacy by design, anonymizing data in compliance with privacy laws like the GDPR. We ensure that personal identification is not stored or required.

Can Heruon's people counting technology be integrated with my current systems?

Absolutely, Heruon's technology is created for compatibility, enabling easy integration with existing infrastructure to enhance its functionality.

What differentiates Heruon's counting accuracy from other systems?

Heruon's counting accuracy stands out due to its advanced integration of AI and machine learning algorithms, which not only recognize but also learn from environmental variables and crowd patterns.

How reliable are Heruon's real-time occupancy alerts?

Our system uses real-time processing and advanced analytics to deliver prompt and precise occupancy alerts, helping to manage space effectively and respond to capacity issues instantly.

In what ways does Heruon's analytics contribute to operational improvements?

Heruon's detailed analytics offer insights into traffic patterns and peak times, aiding in resource planning, emergency preparedness, and enhancing overall user experience.

Is Heruon's system scalable for different-sized premises?

Yes, Heruon's technology is highly scalable, perfect for a single location or a network of spaces, with the flexibility to adjust to your evolving needs as your business grows.

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